Congregation of Mysteries (WIP)

Congregation of  Mysteries (Talisman); Ventilation system, Dell  laptop, Apotropaic Eyes image, 2024

This sculptural work investigates the role of objects such as amulets, talismans and ex-votos in magical practices, while connecting these historical forms with contemporary technologies. In doing so, the work looks to bring together the power of magical imagery and the mysteries of technology and digital infrastructures. 

Amulets, talismans and ex-votos are each ancient ‘technologies’ for protection and the fulfilment of wishes. The works included in this collection question whether these forms can still be used to give agency to users in the navigation of obscure systems regulating their personal devices, and daily lives.

The series of ex-votos depicts themes of the digital realm (e.g. surveillance, mining, data centres) but also asks for specific ‘miracles’ to happen, such as the liberation of Julien Assange, or the growing of a tree from a data centre.

The series of talismans work directly on and in the membrane of digital screens. Symbols used in Mediterranean magic (such as apotropaic eyes, or the mano cornuta) are burned into the plasma and OLED pixels, exposing their sensitivity to deterioration, and producing a Talisman carved out of, or into, a technological device.

Congregation of Mysteries is a work in progress and was initiated during my residency at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht (23-24)

Congregation of Mysteries, (Ex-votos), Work in progress, Engraved aluminium, 2024

Congregation of Mysteries, Apotropaic eyes, digital file, 2024

Congregation of Mysteries, Digital Talismans, limestone, Motorola phone, Mano Cornuta image, 2024