Knows too much, 2021

Knows too much is a workshop and collective digital spell to reframe the human-device connection. For the exhibition Fremdkörper, in the temple of sleep designed by Boogaerdt/VanderShoot, participants interrogated their own smartphones as modern soothsayers, unveiling the subconscious symbols that
--very much like dreams-- inhabit their digital realities. As a closing ritual a magic circle, casted through digital objects relating to the four elements, served to create a collective spell. Participants scanned their own smartphone with herbs, printing a materialization of their own algorithmic life. The printed pages were then buried inside a vase created from a discarded computer. Flowers are currently growing from this vase. Performing this communal “psychic surgery”, the workshop aim was to work with the ineffable language of magic and produce a set of tools to be used for cyber interpretation and protection.

Knows too much, Workshop and installation, Mu Hybrid Art House, 2021

Knows Too Much, Scan Accept All, 2021

Knows Too Much, Water element, Installation
gel mousepad, amethyst stone, fresh flowers, 2021

Knows Too Much, Workshop and Installation, Mu Hybrid Art House, 2021

Knows too much, Scanning 1 (2021),